Visit to Zagori

In recent years, Zagorochoria has been one of the main winter destinations. Τhe visitor will encounter not only a natural landscape of rare beauty, but also a residential environment which retains its traditional physiognomy intact and untouched by modern interventions.

Wild beauty of the mountainous nature with the dense forests, rivers, ponds, steep gorges harmonizes with the human creation, the stone arched bridges, the stone-built mansions, the churches and the cobbled paths.

Zagorochoria constitutes a traditional residential unit consisting of 46 villages. Zagori defines an entire area that extends from the mountain range of Mistikeli and Tymfi to the mountain range of Pindos. It is divided into three geographical parts, Eastern, Western and Central.


Visit to Ioannina

Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, is the largest cultural, intellectual and commercial center of Northwestern Greece. A walk by Lake Pamvotida is the ideal way to start or end your day, regardless of the season.

Beautiful sights and reference points of the city are the castle of Ali Pasha, the islet of Kyra Frosini, the oracle of Dodoni, the archeological museum, as well as the cave of Perama.

The streets and routes of the city, its sights and museums will enhance the feeling of another era, while the wonderful buildings you will encounter on your walks will give you a nostalgic journey into the past.


Rafting in Voidomatis

Voidomatis river that crosses the national park of Vikos - Aoos, invites us to its crystal clear waters, to live with our friends and loved ones, moments of relaxation, adventure and awe.

The rare natural environment, of great ecological value of Voidomatis can give you unforgettable experiences. During the descent, you pass through age-old plane trees, caves, arched bridges and monasteries of the 17th century. The most daring can also dive in the crystal clear and icy waters of the river.


Hiking in Drakolimni

The famous Drakolimni is located on the slopes of Tymfi at an altitude of 2050m. One of the most "Alpine" landscapes in Greece, enchanted the inhabitants of Zagori, creating legends and stories about its waters.

It compensates the visitor at every step with the magnificent view to all the mountains of Pindos - A paradise for lovers of mountain hiking.

The route is exciting but also painful for someone who has no previous experience, however if you are in good physical condition you can try it. The beauty of the landscape that is revealed when you arrive, rewards you!